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Presto UPS Ltd was founded by a Hungarian private person for representation of RIELLO Power Solution Spa, the leading UPS manufacturer in Europe, in Hungary.

The company undertakes projects in the field of UPS, ranging from 0.3 to 6400kVA from the unique computer workstation to power plant demands. It provides a wide range of product and service packages for its customers. The manufacturer offers state-of-the-art technology with data supply (SNMP) and  operating systems communicating with almost all platforms, adapting to IT systems.

The professional industry solutions are implemented as a result of accurate survey and implementation. However, the company also places strong emphasis on customer service.

The users and customer satisfaction is a measure of our organization and services.

Beside the distribution of RIELLO type single- and three-phase uninterrupted power supplies, the largest volume of our activity is the distribution of closed industrial batteries with 5-12 years of lifetime and the complete range of battery packs (between 7-120 Ah capacities).

RIELLO Electronica Group represented by us was founded in 1983 for manufacturing and automation of uninterrupted power supplies and safety products. This fast developing company holding with 35 years manufacturing experience has a prominent place in IT, electronics, telecommunications, automation and sensor technology. The founder and owner of the company is Pilade Riello who leads the giant group of companies together with his 4 sons. The head of the electronic group, which includes the uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) as well, is Pierantonio Riello.

Today, RIELLO UPS is the European leader in manufacturing uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).

The UPS systems guarantee a steady supply of power to any technology where even a short failure of the power supply causes major damage, such as computers, medical electronics, industrial equipment, automated production lines, or radar / telecom devices. With the cooperation of internationally recognized partners such as AVS Electronics, Telcoma Automation, Innowatech and Ceimu it is possible to satisfy the broadest requirements of the users of the rapidly developing IT.

Presto-UPS Ltd. provides high-performance UPS equipment for a variety of industries and for various technologies as a partner of major companies and  multinational companies for decades. Thanks to its long-standing professional experience, its experts install, maintain and service more than 1500 sold uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units all over the country.

Upon request, the company can also coordinate the execution of full-scale giant uninterrupted power supply projects.